Feedback sought on water management plan in New Zealand

Feedback sought on water management plan in New Zealand


New Zealand’s environmental minister is reviewing the plan for the country’s national parks and has made it clear he is looking at ways to encourage private development of waterways and waterways in regional areas.

Environment Minister Chris Finlayson said he was also looking at ways to encourage private development in areas of national parks and lakes.

“We have reviewed a wide range of information related to how we use water in New Zealand.”

He said private water companies and water conservation businesses would be asked for feedback on the plans.

Mr Finlayson said there was a clear need for a plan for regional water conservation.

“If we’re going to have national parks, and if we’re going to have lakes, we have to have a plan for conservation of that. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of resources.”

Auckland District Water Board chief executive Mike Turner said public perception is that they are being allowed to develop.

“They have the right to do that to public land. They have the right to do that to areas where there are wildlife, or even in areas of national parks and where it’s just an area where they can go to.”

He said they are not in a position to comment, and that he could not “personally comment”.

The Minister’s advice

New Zealand has around 15,000 national parks, with almost 11,000 of them classified as wilderness.

The National Parks Commission said the government had consulted extensively on the issue and would continue to make the recommendation.

However, New Zealand’s Environment Minister said his advice to public water agencies was that they should review their plans for national parks and public waters if they did not consider that an improvement would reduce the environment and local amenity.

“What we need to do 바카라사이트is look at it from a regional perspective — the ne더킹카지노ed to maintain biodiversity, conservation and ecosystem. The conservation of New Zealand’s rivers, lakes and streams. So we’re seeing a lot of work being done.”

The Environm바카라사이트ent Ministry will also be looking at a new program to protect endangered species by working with community groups in rural areas.

The program has been introduced to New Zealanders who want to provide information about conservation.

It is the government’s only non-government program to protect endangered species.

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