Shire wants workshop to discuss yallingup coast-to-coast

Shire wants workshop to discuss yallingup coast-to-coast

COVINGTON — If you plan on building a wind turbine on a beach or the beachside of your home, there’s a way of ensuring it won’t cause damage to any living materials.

Kelley Covelton-Green is hoping to do just that when the town’s Wind Turbine Owners Association meets on Thursday night.

The association — which is composed of roughly 80 members — includes industry leaders, landowners and conservationists.

The group has created its own conservation program, called the Wind Turbine Yallingup Coast to Coast, or WTCAC, a yearlong process where they focus on building community understanding for wind turbines and other renewable energies.

The goal is to ensure that, in the years to c더킹카지노ome, the environment will be less disturbed by future developments in the industry.

“We’re going to have to look at these systems and make sure that you’re not affecting this environment, that you’re not damaging this environment because you can get wind,” co-founder Kelly 바카라Green said.

Gre카지노 사이트en and co-founder Sean O’Brien hope this session of the association will help clarify the concept that turbines and wind farms pose a major threat to the environment.

Covelton-Green’s development on the beach has already received its own special attention from local officials as it was under consideration as a site for a possible Wind Turbine Yallingup Coast to Coast.

They said that, when considering a proposal to relocate a building, it would need to address the impacts on the environment and the community surrounding the land the proposed development would be located on, which includes everything from shorelines to the shoreline of rivers to coastal habitat that’s protected.

“I think the Yallingup Coast to Coast would include those issues as well,” co-founder and director of operations Andy Brown said.

“We want to make sure that when we get there, we get there safely and with the least impact on the community as possible and that we are making this community aware of these concerns and our actions and make sure they know this isn’t in danger.”

The city of Kailua-Kona and the city of Kona were the main sponsors for the Yallingup Coast to Coast initiative.

Kona officials said they hope this session will allow them to work cooperatively in order to help facilitate public participation in their planning processes.

“The goal is not to do harm, but t