Nsw police pledge to tackle burglary rate as it rises

Nsw police pledge to tackle burglary rate as it rises


Sorry, this video has expired Video: Police say burglaries go up after police crackdown (ABC News)

New South Wales Police have released a crime statistic in an attempt to reassure people they are not targeted by thieves.

The force is releasing the crime index to highlight the trend where burglaries are up, but the numbers are not keeping up with the rate of increase.

A spokesman says crime reports are being submitted every two months for 2014.

He says if people think there is a crime index that they haven’t seen previously, there has been a spike in burglaries.

“These spikes are often the result of one of the following things:

Burglary rate rises;

Police are investigating a theft;

Police suspect a person has been involved in a burglary when they think it may be suspicious but areXO 카지노 unable to prove this.

It may be the latter two, he says.

Police want people to understand the situation when dealin우리 카지노g with burglary reports.

“It’s part of responding to an on-going crime situation, where we work together with members of the community to address a series of crime activities.

“In 2015 there will be no overall increase in the number of reported burglaries as a r부천출장샵esult of crime reporting,” Mr Wilson said.

‘Burglar alert’

Burglar alert remains in effect today, meaning people need to be on the lookout for possible activity in and around their house.

If they are not, they need to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

“While a crime alert does not mean there’s a crime on the premises, rather, it is a warning that a resident needs to be aware of this potential activity coming around,” Mr Wilson said.

He said it would be best to report suspicious activity by phone or walkie-talkie immediately, before leaving their own property.

While he has not given this to all properties, other police forces have told a similar story.

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