Breakers douse blaze to stay unbeaten in Premier League

Breakers douse blaze to stay unbeaten in Premier League

The first-half goals from David Henen, Jamie Roberts and Charlie Austin sent Spurs back in front, but their title hopes were ended in extra-time by an ill-judged penalty from Jamie Vardy.

The result left Spurs 13 points behind leaders Chelsea after six games, one ahead of Manchester City but two behind Arsenal.

And while the hosts were happy to send the game into extra time and set up the replay from 3-0 down, goals from Austin and Henen proved important for 인터넷 바카라the visitors.

Andre Villas-Boas, who will be out of contract in the summer, hopes the Portuguese can win his second title at the start of next season, after guiding Valencia to a record 10 straight domestic titles from 2009-12.

The Spaniard had been prepared to sell Austin, a 25-year-old striker, at the end of last season, but decided against the sale in January after losing him for the first time in 16 months at West Ham.

Villas-Boas also is determined to sign a new attacking midfielder in the summer.

Chelsea, who sit eighth in the Premier League standings, have the second-best chance of reaching the semi-finals, but they will be disappointed at failin진주출장마사지g to make it, should they win the tie.

Their 2-1 home defeat by Manchester United four years ago will still feel bitter to Jose Mourinho in the second leg, but Spurs, who have been bottom since the turn of the year, will go down to 10-man Everton.

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Spurs, who also lost their opening-leg clash at Old Trafford last Saturday, were in the thick of things in defence but they rarely threa블랙 잭tened, holding a 13-3 advantage against their opponents’ third-placed defence.

It was Tottenham’s defence which was most dangerous – they had seven shots in the first half and made 12 clearances.

The hosts did finally break the deadlock when Christian Eriksen latched onto the cross of Eriksen, who was sent to the stands by Victor Wanyama.

Eriksen’s goal came in the third minute of injury time when Danny Rose pushed Eriksen on to the ball as he tried to find the net from two yards out.

However, Tottenham’s defence struggled to deal with the threa

Kem ley critic of cambodian government shot dead in shop by rival gang

Kem ley critic of cambodian government shot dead in shop by rival gang

A popular cambodian-language newspaper has criticised the government in Laos in recent days over a local leader who has been shot dead in a shop.

Kem ley critic of the government, Anakapicha, said the local branch of the leftist magazine, Nie, published a column today, accusing the regional authorities of targeting and killing influential opponents.

Nie was allegedly assassinated with a bullet to the neck after 성남출장마사지 성남출장샵he made threats against the local government at a regional summit held earlier this week in Phnom Penh.

Anakapicha’s column said: “We are not sure how long Anakapicha will live. We are also not certain where his body will be found… There is a lot of suspicion that a big criminal organization has targeted the [local] leader.”

It described a similar killing two days ago, in 인터넷카지노which former president Thammasat Thachadieu was gunned down at his home in a rural village.

But Anakapicha warned: “Anakapicha, if you want a body found, please get the body out and let us know you’re dead.”

Nie, known for its anti-GMP articles and pro-Bolivian and anti-communist comments, was owned by a group of Chinese businessmen but has received support from several other Vietnamese, including former prime minister Nguyen Van Thieu, who was assassinated in 2006.

At its website, Namkhom Nie said it was the result of a conspiracy with the “Communist secret police”

Nie said the local police were aware of the plot and “decided” to “take measures to kill Anakapicha or at least to target and kill Anakapicha’s family members and friends”.

In addition to the local government, there were출장 several groups including the US-based Council on Foreign Relations and the US-based Center for Strategic and International Studies that helped to run the coup, it added.

It said the plot was a “planned coup in an attempt by the government to put the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the People of the Shining Path in a position of power”.

“According to the CIA and our [Cambodian] intelligence, the Chinese mafia has set a trap” for the leader and his family members, Namkhom Nie wrote.

Anakapicha’s death triggere