Fears indonesian rabies epidemic could spread to other countries

Fears indonesian rabies epidemic could spread to other countries. (AFP/Getty Images)

The Indonesian government has warned that the ongoing rabies outbreak in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia could spread to other count강남출장안마ries, adding that it is “unclear how effective” the treatment currently available would be.

While the government says rabies can be transmitted via a bite from an infected animal, local public officials say that they have no proof that it is possible to transmit rabies from an infected human.

“There’s been no case of rabies transmission in public,” Bantjeng Tanen Siti, chief of local anti-rabies team at Indonesia’s National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention, told AFP Monday.

Tanen Siti confirmed that the number of suspected cases of rabies in the country had increased from just nine cases in late May to more than 500.

Malaysia’s health ministry said in a statement Monday that around 700 Malaysians have been infect포커 의 신ed with the deadly disease, with some suffering severe paralysis as well as some loss of limbs.

According to reports, the disease — which can last up to seven years — is one of the world’s most deadly, and its symptoms include fever, swollen glands, severe pain, and, potentially, death.

“This year in South East Asia, the number of cases of rabies increased from 12 cases in early May to 14 cases in June,” Tanen Siti said.

According to a WHO spokesperson, as of Wednesday the disease has infected about 200,000 people across four countries, with another 50,000 affected, or more than 8 percent of the total populatio인천 출장 안마n, the health agency said.

According to WHO data, the disease killed around 16 people in Indonesia last year, and 1,500 to 2,600 people die from it each year in Malaysia and South East Asia.

It is believed that several hundred more people could die from the virus each year, experts say.

With a base population of 4.7 million, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago.

Man to front court over faking death claims

Man to front court over faking death claims

The Crown Prosecution Service is considering whether to drop charges against the man accused of faking his own death to escape jail, the Guardian can reveal.

Martin Ward was arrested in London last month for allegedly lying about his age and death so as to avoid going to jail.

In a letter sent in June to Downing Street, he said that on 28 December he received a letter from a friend telling him he was being held at a police station in Hertfordshire.

But he refused to answer the phone because it was a police matter and a meeting had not taken place.

A police officer called Mr Ward’s wife, the Guardian can reveal. A statement from her said: “The police are considering whether charges of perjury need to be brought for her to contact the police.”바카라

He could face years behind bars but with a reduced sentence, which will be suspended after six months.

In one of the documents sent in June, a man said Ward’s mother had spoken out against his false claims to avoid a custody battle.

“Martin’s mother says he would rather be found dead than serve jail time,” it said. “She knows the impact this would have on his young family.”

An internal police inquiry will look at whether Mr Ward made mistakes and had gone beyond what he needed to do, the document said. “In particular there is concern in t더킹카지노erms of how this may affect his confidence as a witness and his confidence as a person and as a parent.”

In a statement released on Wednesday, the CPS said: “In view of the seriousness of these matters and the sensitivity of the issue we will be pursuing prosecution.

“As far as our investigation into this matter is concerned, the officer’s letter refers to 바카라사이트Martin’s mother.”

A spokesman added: “On 23 October, a police officer contacted me at approximately 6pm after he had received from Mrs Ward that she was seeking urgent assistance.

“We are awaiting further comments from the officer and are consulting legal advice in relation to the outcome of our inquiry.”

A CPS spokesperson said they could not confirm whether Mr Ward was not facing further charges. The force’s chief constable, Cressida Dick, told the Sunday Times last week that the CPS had opened an official investigation into the case but that she did not know whether the investigation was over.

Ward, 25, had claimed on Facebook that he was in charge of a business called IHOT, which helps people wit